PLASA Focus Leeds 2018

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Seminar Date
02 May 2018
Seminar Time
11:00 - 12:00
Seminar Title
Changeover madness at a festival – the lighting control challenges of a festival artist change.
Seminar Location
Bury Theatre
Seminar Description
Have you ever wondered how bands turn up at festivals and put on their show with a completely different rig from what they normally have on their tour? How do LD's and operators cope with the myriad of different rigs over a festival period? What happens when the artist decides to do a completely different set from the normal? Or have you just wondered how you get to FOH while 20 000 people are stood in the field with you? This seminar aims to share some of the tips and tricks that LD's and operators use when it comes to festival period. With insights into Planning, Pre-Viz, Cloning and time management (and much more), we call on 4 industry festival veterans to share their experiences, good and bad. Hosted by Ambersphere's very own Philip Norfolk this seminar aims to lift the lid on what really happens in that small central covered area of many festival fields each summer.
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Philip Norfolk
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