PLASA Focus Leeds 2018

Exhibitor Testimonials

Every single year it's a really good show, for networking, it's always busy. You get to meet existing customers, you see more people in those two days than you ever would out on the road. More importantly, you see a lot of end users and interesting people with genuine projects.

Simon Holley Sennheiser

It's a very intimate show - it always has been – and for us it seems more inclusive. We get closer to the customer, they feel like they've got a direct link to us, it's not big, it's not overwhelming, we can be selective and we can pay attention to the customer. So from a customer focus point of view, that is essential to everything we do. We've got some new leads, we've seen people we've never dealt with before, from different industries and different areas- difference parts of the world as well.

Davie Bell Stage Electrics

The feeling that we get is that the PLASA Focus show is liked by all, by distributors, by exhibitors and by customers. I think this show goes from strength to strength to be honest, it's our favourite show as a regional UK trade show.

Nick Bellis The Music Group

We've had a really good show this year, it's the first UK showing of our CDC 6 console and it's been really well received. We've had a lot of people looking at it and a lot of people like it very much, I would say for us it's been a very, very successful show. This little trade show, I think is far more of a better fit with our industry. It’s not tremendously expensive, the quality of the people you get here is very high, it’s well organised, well put together and of course free beer is always a huge attraction.

Rob Hughes Cadac

PLASA Focus Leeds has been fantastic, it’s great to get up north and it’s always well attended. It really is one of our favourite shows. I will be coming back next year because it’s continued to prove itself as a resource not just specifically in the north but for all of England and the UK Market. The UK look at Leeds show and know to come here to do business.

Sean Dane RC4 Wireless

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