PLASA Focus Leeds 2018

Visitor Testimonials

I went to [a seminar] this morning, by Wonder Works and it was fascinating... It was interesting to see how people are using the product and what problems they face. As a manufacturer, it’s vital to have the end users input. We can manufacturer a product that nobody buys and we don’t know why.

Peter Daffarn Entertainment Lighting

I think the PLASA Focus here is brilliant, I really enjoy it... From my point of view, I'm a lecturer at LIPA, it's really useful for me to get round to see people efficiently… It's very much my favourite show out of all of them.

Chris Layton Lecturer

I have enjoyed my time at PLASA Focus Leeds… It's very vibrant and I think the people I've spoken to have enjoyed the show and … they've met good contacts in Leeds.

Jeff Montgomery Visitor

I came [PLASA Focus Leeds] to meet new people, see who's around and make new connections for my business.

Kali Tattersall Trainee Pyrotechnician

[My family] have an event company in Mongolia, and our company is in the only leading company in Mongolia. We are a distributor of Yamaha, Martin, JBL and others… I came to see the latest brands show their products and to meet new companies.

Enkh-Erdene Od-Erdene Total Music Mongolia

I was after P.A Manufacturers and I’ve seen everybody I wanted to see. I went to see RCF, Bose, everyone really. It’s definitely worth the trip. I wanted to get an idea of new things happening, pricing and making new contacts and I did that.

Zola Zolbayar Events Manager

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